WordPress Themes

In this article we will review the best WordPress 2020 themes based on: sales data, customer rating, functionality and our experience.

After hosting, the choice of a theme of absolute value is FUNDAMENTAL for the success of a website, because, in addition to embellishing it with spectacular graphics, it guarantees the best technical performance.

Reading it will help you narrow the field and find a definitive solution for your project.

WordPress Themes: Let’s make a premise

Key question: What is a WordPress theme for?

First of all, the theme is the dress that makes the monk do it!

It’s not just a matter of design or structure.

In fact, the themes generally provide different basic functionality. Each one, that is, already has a sort of integrated WordPress plugin or real plugins to activate at installation.

So the first thing you need to do is to check what your needs are and see if the theme meets them.

There are some themes that work only on the graphic aspect: colors, fonts, structure, etc..

My advice is to orient you towards themes that are already designed specifically for your sector.


The first theme we take into consideration was created by Elegant Themes, one of the most well-known and renowned agencies in the world, which we often talk about in our articles and video courses.

Elegant Themes has decided to offer its products with an annual subscription fee, (or through the payment of a single solution), which gives access to all available themes and plugins.

You will then be able to use Divi, Extra + the other 85 themes + indispensable plugins such as Bloom and Monarch for little more than the price of a normal advanced theme.

The advantage? Everything will always work perfectly, because each element is designed by the same team of developers.

Plus there are no limitations on the number of sites you can upload Elegant Themes to. Unlike other developers, for whom a theme license is required for each site, you can use Divi and all other products on an infinite number of projects.